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Dr. Katie Moise PT, DPT Pregancy and Postpartum Specialist
Dr. Katie Moise PT, DPT pelvic floor specialist


Our goal at ATL Pelvic Health is to continue spreading awareness about pelvic floor physical therapy. The motherhood journey is a special season and I want to change the way women are cared for while pregnant and during the fourth trimester (& postpartum really is for the rest of your life!) Our goal is to educate, provide resources and guide women through caring for their bodies as it changes during pregnancy and allowing them to return to all the activities they love to do without pain or peeing their pants! We want to help active moms stay moving pain free during pregnancy and continue to move without limitations after birth. 

Healing After Baby
If you are pregnant or newly postpartum, find out more about how to best support your pelvic floor during the fourth trimester.
Katie Moise, pelvic floor therapist


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Chandra B.

Katie is such an amazing therapist. She has a drive to want to grow and learn more about her specialty. She is knowledgable, patient, empathic, and has such a motivating spirit. I saw Katie when I started having debilitating pubic symphysis pain after my second child. She was able to get me back stronger and free of pain. Shortly after my recovery we got pregnant again with our third child. She helped ease my concerns, taught me great breathing techniques for laboring and encouraged me to embrace different laboring positions. I highly recommend Katie for pre, during, and postpartum pelvic floor therapy! 

Julie M.

As a mother of 3 all born via c-section, my pelvic health needed attention!  Katie has drastically improved my pain; she is extremely knowledgeable, patient and compassionate. She has guided me through so many obstacles to get to the root of the problem! Katie is an advocate for pelvic health and in turn has improved my quality of life. I’m forever grateful for her; she is the best!

Stacey E.

After the birth of my second child (at the age of 40), I thought my bladder was going to fall out of my body.  I thought I would never be able to run or dance without peeing all over myself.  I read the articles on the Internet until I was terrified that I would need pelvic floor reconstruction surgery.  Luckily among the terrifying articles, I found Katie Moise.  On my first visit, Katie immediately put me at ease by telling me that there was a lot of misleading information on the Internet and that what I was going through could be rectified with some hard work (ie. not surgical tools).  So work we did! 


Finding Katie was the answer to prayers that I didn’t even know to say.  There are so many things that went into my pelvic floor weakness.  Not recovering sufficiently from my first childbirth, bad posture, and even bad bathroom routines, to name a few.  I can’t thank Katie enough for all she’s done to put me back on the right path.  I can run and dance with confidence, and I feel stronger than I ever have before.