Pelvic Floor Specialist Katie Moise PT, DPT

Our goal at ATL Pelvic Health is to continue spreading awareness about pelvic floor physical therapy. The motherhood journey is a special season and I want to change the way women are cared for while pregnant and during the fourth trimester (& postpartum really is for the rest of your life!) Our goal is to educate, provide resources and guide women through caring for their bodies as it changes during pregnancy and allowing them to return to all the activities they love to do without pain or peeing their pants! We want to help active moms stay moving pain free during pregnancy and continue to move without limitations after birth. 

My journey into pelvic health began after I was seeing an orthopedic PT for a hip injury that sidelined me from running. After getting better but not staying better, she referred me to a pelvic PT in her practice.  Experiencing pelvic PT firsthand, I realized how many women across all ages are likely experiencing similar symptoms without knowing where to turn.  This is when my passion for women's pelvic health began! There is still a large stigma around talking about peeing, pooping or sex, but I want to normalize these topics.

 Facts About Me:

  • Born in Charlotte, NC and raised in Franklin, TN

  • My heart bleeds Carolina blue

  • Graduated from The University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill with B.A. in Exercise Sport Science and Psychology

  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Emory University

  • Advanced training:

    • Pelvic Health​ training through Herman and Wallace Rehabilitation Institute

    • Certified through Myopain Seminars in Manual Trigger Point Therapy 

    • Pilates certification through Polestar Pilates​

In my free time, I love lifting heavy weights, running, Pilates, playing tennis and spending time with friends. On most weekends, you can find me on the Atlanta Beltline exploring all that this city has to offer!


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I am passionate about helping both men and women with pelvic floor symptoms. My gravitation towards pelvic health was influenced by a family member who dealt with pelvic pain after giving birth. Seeing her success with pelvic floor physical therapy inspired my passion to bring awareness to more taboo topics and to work with those dealing with pelvic pain or other pelvic health challenges. My goal is to provide a safe place for my patients to share about their health, without feeling like they are sharing "too much information."  I particularly enjoy working with those with pelvic pain, endometriosis and interstitial cystitis.

 Facts About Me:

  • Born and raised in Woodstock, GA 

  • Graduated from Georgia Southern University with B.A. in Exercise Science

  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Georgia Southern University 

  • Advanced training:

    • Pelvic Health​ training through Herman and Wallace Rehabilitation Institute

On the weekends, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, going to concerts, hiking and traveling. My goal is to visit all the U.S. National Parks. 

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