Privacy Policy

Who We Are ​

Our website address is: All information shared with ATL Pelvic Health, LLC is private and confidential. We, as a practice, adhere to the HIPAA Privacy Rule. No information will be released outside of ATL Pelvic Health, LLC without your consent. During the course of treatment, it may be necessary to communicate with other health care providers, in this case, consent to release information is given through written authorization. Verbal consent for limited release of information may be necessary in special circumstances. There are specific and limited exceptions to this confidentiality which include the following: (1) When there is a risk of imminent danger to myself or to another person, the clinician is ethically bound to take necessary steps to prevent such danger. (2) When there is suspicion that a child or elder is being sexually or physically abused or is at risk of such abuse, the clinician is legally required to take steps to protect the individual and to inform the proper authorities. (3) When a valid court order is issued for medical records, the clinician and the agency is bound by law to comply with such requests. You will have access to your records in accordance with HIPAA Privacy Rule.

What Personal Data We Collect And Why We Collect It 


We run analytics on our website to extract general information about you, such as age, gender, length of time on our site, and basic demographics to help direct our marketing campaigns. We do not sell any of your information to third party vendors.